Reasons Why People Fail Their Driving Test and How to Get Over It


One biggest reason is nervousness. People go through a lot of stress and pressure during the test, the main reason being that their family members and friends know that they are going through the test. Hence, the first thing they need to so is to calm their nerves and be confident. All you need to remember is that the testing officers are also human beings and they also want you to just relax, focus and drive well.

Another reason is being under-prepared. Many do not really understand that it is very important to know your skills well before you take up the test. They tend to get over-confident and end up making a mess in the test, resulting into failure. Hence, as a student it is very important for them to learn the skills from the best instructor and ensure you concentrate during the sessions.

If you are looking for some good driver lessons then Ltrent can be the right choice for you. They have a well-trained professional who can not only help you drive safely but also build confidence in you. In case of failed driving test, these instructors can work closely with you to understand the reason for these failures and can help you pay more attention on the areas where you are suffering the most.

Here are some of the other common reasons for the test failure which might help you work better:

  1. Some make a mistake of surpassing the speed limit by 1kmph or more which is very important to keep a check on.
  2. Many change directions without checking the side mirrors, blind spots or rear areas well before moving the lanes. This might cause some kind of crashes too. Hence it is crucial part to keep in mind.
  3. Many people fail to give way to other vehicles at different intersections like multi-lane roundabouts. Some pull-out of the junctions without eyeing the other side vehicles. Some even forget to retain the right road position before or after turning to the other lane. These things need to be taken care of to avoid any mishaps.
  4. Some fail to follow the traffic signals, road signs. Hence it is important that you keep an eye on these signals and maintain your speed too to make sure you get enough time to stop at the stop signals.
  5. Many new learners often struggle with manoeuvres, especially at reversing or reverse parking. This happens with most of the people and here practice can make it work well.
  6. Some fail to respond or take action when other vehicles give them way. And some forget to signal other vehicles when necessary. These things also need to be work upon.
  7. Lastly, people also fail due to poor judgement or decision making while entering the line of traffic or entering a different lane.

All of these common mistakes can only be avoided by working closely with your instructor, and do a lot of practice. Ensure you are practicing on various road conditions and different hours of the day so that these don’t turn up to be the reason for your failure.

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