Fun Facts About Video Game genres

Video games have become an integral part of our society. We cannot imagine a modern society without video games. From the earliest days of computing, games have provided entertainment, education and social interaction for millions of people. Today, it is rare to find anyone who does not own at least one computer game system.


Video games are classified according to their different types. The different types of video games include racing, arcade, platform, simulation, card, board, combat, hobby, kids’ games, puzzle, sports, war, and hobby category. All these categories offer unique gameplay and style of play. Generally, racing games are the fastest selling games in the world with millions of users playing them on a daily basis.

arcade games are fast and popular with its action-packed gameplay. Action-packed video games are the genre that promises fun and excitement. Card, board, and puzzle games are slow and relaxing action-packed games. Kids’ games are the simplest and most entertaining idle games. These can be found in every console and available for free on the internet. Action and adventure games are usually played by single players to sports games are played by up to four players.

Text-based adventure games are very easy to play and they offer interesting storyline, excellent graphics, and memorable characters. On the other hand, adventure games are very challenging and require players to think and act quickly. There are numerous text-based adventure games including the Legend of Zelda, Monkey Island, Ace Combat, Secret of Solstise, and Final Fantasy. In addition, text-based adventure games include point-and-click adventure games where the player has to click on objects or make use of objects that are provided in the interface to advance the gameplay.

Fun Fact: Most popular multiplayer online games are flash-based. Flash is the most advanced technology that lets you interact with game mechanics using only a web browser. You need a modern browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari to play these types of games. The best thing about flash games is that you can create them for free and share them with millions of users all over the world.

The third fun fact about video games is that they encourage creativity and imagination. In a game world where everything is predetermined, players are given free rein to create their own game universe and establish their own rules and challenges. For instance, in a first person shooter game you can determine how much accuracy or maneuver the character should make while facing an enemy. Likewise, the way a player maneuvers the camera in a first person shooter game changes the perspective and changes the game play. This frees up your creative mind to come up with new game mechanics and game themes.