How Personal Computers Are Changing the Gaming Industry

Video gaming has come a long way since the earliest home computers and video games. In recent years, however, the industry has become increasingly competitive and sophisticated. Numerous computer games have been designed and marketed for both single players and multiplayer video gaming. The majority of these games involve real world objects like a car or tank, although they may also include fantasy elements such as monsters or spaceships. Multiplayer computer games are usually longer and more complex than single player games.


A computer game or video game is a computer program that involves interaction via a user interface (a mouse, keyboard, joystick, or digital signal processor) or input device, including a camera, video card, sound card, or infrared camera. Computer games vary significantly in complexity depending on their use. Action, racing, strategy, arcade, dress up, and puzzle are common gaming genres. Most PC gaming is for single player, either with another player online or against the computer. Some of the most demanding games are available only for advanced users with specialized hardware.

PC gaming is divided into several categories based on the type of graphics it provides. Desktop graphics are generally less demanding than those used in gaming consoles. Advanced gaming systems include image quality options which can produce high quality graphics for use with multiple display devices. Common desktop graphics include character designs, scenery, and weapon designs. Other types of graphics include physically based effects and 3D modeling.

Many games are now available on handheld gaming devices such as cell phones, portable gaming PCs, hand held gaming consoles, and other similar devices. Handheld consoles such as the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP offer many of the same features and uses as gaming PCs. They are, however, limited by lower performance than full sized PCs. Mobile gaming is growing in popularity as well. Mobile devices such as smart phones and handheld game pads provide very good quality graphics for gaming. Most of the major cell phone manufacturers offer downloadable versions of popular gaming PC software packages for sale.

High resolution monitors have revolutionized the way that people view and play computer games. The use of high resolution monitors enables greater detail and better color saturation than normal monitor displays. Standard computer monitors cannot provide this level of detail and have a resolution much lower than that of a high resolution gaming PC monitor. Many video game consoles come equipped with high resolution monitors built into their gaming computers. Most video game consoles also feature streaming technology which allows players to enjoy their game without having to wait for a significant delay in order to view their game.

Advances in online gaming have also created new ways for gamers to interact and compete with each other. Internet forums, chat rooms, and social networking sites allow players to communicate and collaborate with each other over the Internet. Video game consoles also have gaming sites with chat rooms and bulletin boards for gamers to connect with each other. Social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and others have taken gaming to a whole new level by providing a place for gamers to meet and make new friends. These types of sites are rapidly becoming a major force in the global marketplace for online gaming.