Main Articles on Health and Wellness

Health is an inclusive state of mind where infirmity and illness are absent. It is our basic need to be well and health is achieved through a healthy body, mind and spirit. Various definitions have been applied to the quality of health, for various purposes. Some include mental and emotional health, physical health, and even life expectancy. With the advancement of technology, we have been exploring new ways to promote health, through the use of technology.

The field of medicine has become more complex with the advent of new medical knowledge and technologies. As a result, a new concept of “personal health” emerged, which integrates the facets of physical, emotional and mental health. In this modern era, there is a growing body of literature that defines, monitors and addresses the different aspects of health. This field includes occupational health, geriatric health, preventive health, disability, elderly care and women’s health.

Occupational health is one of the main articles that deals with the physical aspect. This involves educating workers about their working conditions, risks, and the consequences of these conditions, on their health, in the long run and during their lifetime. Studies show that workers who have understood their working conditions, have fewer health problems than those who do not. Studies also reveal that there is an improvement in the mental status of the workers if they have understood their working conditions better.

Another main article is regarding physical illness and its relation to mental illness or mental health. It indicates that both of them are interrelated, though subtly. The nature of the symptoms, the location of the symptom, the intensity of the symptom, the person’s reaction to the symptoms and the causative agent all play a major role in determining the extent of their relationship. These articles also indicate that there is a strong relationship between work-related stress and the onset of illness, especially in the working women.

Mental health issues are another important main article that tackles the psychological aspects of human behavior and its prevention or cure. It talks about the three prominent health issues, which are anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. These health issues are extremely common, affecting a large number of people from various social, economic, and cultural backgrounds and are therefore, a great concern. In addition, this article discusses the preventive measures, medical treatments, and rehabilitation options that can help people affected by these health issues.

Psychological illnesses are another main article that addresses the mental state of an individual and the impact of stress on the individual’s health, in general. An example of a psychological disorder is post-traumatic stress disorder, which involves the sudden and often overwhelming experience of severe physical violence, or an inability to tolerate that physical violence. Anxiety is another psychological illness, characterized by excessive anxiety and worry, including obsessive compulsive disorders. Post traumatic stress disorder is often experienced by those who have undergone some kind of emergency, natural calamity or even disaster. In addition, it can also affect people after a sudden change of lifestyle such as shift in work place or major changes in a family.