Social Media and Beauty

Beauty is commonly defined as a subjective feature of things which makes these objects beautiful to see. Such objects include sunsets, landscapes, humans and other works of art. Beauty, with aesthetic sense and art, is the most significant theme of aesthetics, among the various branches of natural philosophy. It is argued by some that beauty exists independent of the ability to discern it, while others hold that beauty is a product of the ability to enjoy seeing certain objects. The debate on beauty continues to rage, especially in contemporary societies.


While the beauty of objects may be the subject of intense discussions, beauty has also become an important part of the social media. We can see the influence of beauty on the styles of fashion, hairstyles, food and music. In particular, celebrities continue to use their beauty to sell products or gain publicity. For instance, Victoria Beckham uses her glossy hair and stunning figure to project herself as a tasteful and cultured individual, while her husband David Beckham projects himself as a rugged and outgoing personality. Thanks to the Internet and TV stations that broadcast celebrities, we all have access to a glamorous version of ourselves.

The impact of beauty and fashion has become so pervasive that many young people consider beauty to be a normal aspect of life. As such young women spend billions of dollars each year on clothing, cosmetics, hair styling products and the like. With the escalating popularity of the fashion industry, teenagers are becoming more concerned about their personal appearances. This increasing concern about beauty has triggered various debates on the topic of beauty, with some experts claiming that beauty is only an outward show, while others believe that there is something more to beauty than outward appearances.

Although the opinions concerning beauty differ, there is one thing that all agree on: beauty is not the goal, rather the means to that beauty. Those who believe that beauty is the goal argue that because beauty is in fashion, we are not focusing on the inner beauty but rather the superficial aspect of our appearance. However, those who see beauty as the end-all and be-all maintain that only beauty can bring happiness and contentment into our lives. In essence, both sides are right. The real issue is not the idea that beauty is the goal but the idea that beauty is the means to that beauty.

Today, there are countless avenues available for a woman to achieve beauty. Thanks to the Internet and television shows that highlight social issues and beauty trends, we are exposed to a never-ending stream of beauty tips and tricks. The Internet has even opened up whole shopping sites which feature everything from handbags and shoes to cosmetics and fashion accessories. Thanks to these websites and shows, the average person has become more familiar with the different faces of beauty and the different roles that they play in the fashion industry.

Beauty is not something that comes naturally for most women, which is why there are so many social media sites which are dedicated to spreading the word about beauty. These social media sites allow everyday people like us to share information about our favorite brands, favorite designers and the latest trends in fashion. People can even vote on their favorite models or beauty tips using different ranking systems. Through this method, beauty has been taken from the hands of professionals who have studied it and applied it in a big way through the different social media outlets. Therefore, beauty is no longer just the domain of Hollywood screenwriters and stylists, but has now become something you can accomplish by using your fingers (and sometimes your nose).