The Importance Of Sports As A Mental Health Activity

We often hear the term “sports” when we use the word “toy”. But what is meant by “sport”? In general, sports are organized physical activities and competitive events. Almost all sports are competitive. This is the main difference between recreational, entertainment or leisure. In games like soccer, basketball, tennis and track and field, there is a level playing field.


As an athlete in any sport, you need to train your body and mind. In extreme sports like skydiving, motor sports, aerobics and surfing, the training is more intense. The athletes train very hard to achieve their goals. As an athlete in extreme sports, you need to pay attention to your mental and physical skills. This is very different from recreational, leisure or ice skating because of the added stress on your body and the focus on improving your athletic performance.

Sports injury can happen during any competitive or strenuous athletic activity. Most sports injuries are mild to moderate and do not require medical treatment. However, some sports injuries, especially those that can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke, should be treated immediately. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can cause temporary disability and death. Heat exhaustion can occur just after vigorous exercise or during cold seasons when the temperature outside is low.

One of the most common sports injuries during sports is a strain, sprained, torn or broken muscle. Sprains occur when a team member pulls his/her hamstring. When a muscle is strained, it will usually become slightly irritated and it may be necessary to take medication for a short time. A tear in a ligament (like the shoulder’s acromion) may also require surgery if it is severe. Heat stroke is a physical activity-related disease that can happen just before, during or after physical activity like exercising or engaging in a sport that requires high physical exertion.

Many sports injuries occur because of overusing a particular skill or activity. Overuse of muscles, ligaments or tendons can lead to an increased risk of strain or injury in a sportsman. The sportsperson may not even be aware that he/she has overused their muscles or that they have overused their joints. Sports related muscular pains and strains can be symptoms of a more serious condition such as tendonitis, bursitis, or a separation of the tendon into two parts.

Sports participation is a very important aspect of our lives. We compete with one another to advance ourselves in sports, to be better at sports, to win more games, to get more awards or prizes. The purpose of competition among athletes is to increase their skills and knowledge and hopefully achieve their goals. However, too much competition can also cause mental health problems, especially in athletes competing at a level beyond their ability. When competition ends, we often appreciate the important mental attributes of sports, we learn to value the time that we had spent competing and we also have the chance to take a step back and evaluate whether our decision regarding the importance of that specific sports event is right or wrong.