What Are the Key Differences Between Types of Slots?

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While there are numerous variations of slots available, mechanical reel games are the most popular. These traditional slot machines have been a mainstay of casinos for decades and have loyal fans across the United States. While there are limitations to mechanical reel games, manufacturers have managed to come up with desirable jackpot odds. Because of this, slot designers must create games with more possible combinations than the reels can accommodate. Here are some of the key differences between the various types of slots:


When playing a slot game, reels are the columns of horizontal symbols in the game. You spin the reels by pressing the Start or Spin button, and when a winning combination appears, it is added to the player’s balance. There are three to five reels in a standard slot machine, and there are also several types of video slots that feature up to seven columns, two sets of reels, and bonus games.

Video slots

With video slots, players can choose from hundreds of paylines, or paylines per line. Unlike traditional slots, the result of each spin is based on a random number generator (RNG). The RNG allows game designers to play with large number sets, thereby giving players more control over the outcome. As a result, you will often find video slots with twenty, thirty, and even forty paylines. In addition to the basic paylines, video slots may feature wild symbols, scatter symbols, or bonus rounds.

Multi-line slots

If you are new to playing multi-line games, you should first try playing multi-line games with fewer paylines. These types of games are best for beginners because they require little or no experience to play. Beginners should choose games with limited paylines, until they learn the ins and outs of the machine. They should also choose a game with small paylines, so that they can learn the basic concepts of forming winning combinations.

Bonus rounds

There are many different types of bonus rounds in slot games. Some of these rounds function as separate features, while others are incorporated into the base game. Bonus rounds in slots can be represented by a bonus wheel or set of reels, while others are simply new configurations of the original game. Bonus rounds in slots are a fun way to add another layer of excitement to the slot experience, and they never deplete your casino balance!

Wild symbols

A variety of online casinos offer the option to use Wild Symbols in their games. If you are thinking of playing slots, then a Wild Symbol will greatly enhance the overall game. These symbols will help you win prizes in the game, allowing you to win more often. You can find them at many reputable and diversified online casinos. You can visit Mr Green, Lucky 8, or Betsson to try your luck. Wild symbols can significantly boost your chances of winning.

Scatter symbols

The role of Scatter symbols in a slot game is to trigger different bonus features. Although the scatter symbol is not necessarily a replacement for the base game icons, it can be advantageous. Typically, it is positioned to provide matches in a payline. Nevertheless, players should remember that scatter symbols are not always the same as wild symbols. This is because wild symbols are used to supplement the base game icons. Here are some examples of scatter symbols in slot games.


The Return to Player percentage of a game slot can be found in several places, including the paytable and help buttons. This percentage tells the player how much he can expect to win, with a higher percentage meaning a higher probability of winning. In the long run, the higher the RTP, the more money the player can expect to win. The following are some tips for figuring out the RTP of a game slot: