Understanding Sports Names

Sports have been an integral part of our lives. Ever since animals began playing the sport, humans have been fascinated with it. Sports vary from country to country and from region to region. Some sports have become a passion and major part of the lifestyle of a country or region. Sports have been known to increase confidence, improve health and fitness levels, stimulate the intellect, build motor skills and improve the balance and coordination of the body. Sports also help in the development of leadership qualities and discipline.


There are many different sports names in English. The English language has given the names as well as the locations for many different sports. Some examples are basketball, Australian rules football, baseball, badminton, bocce ball, basketball, water polo, tennis, hockey, American football, boxing and golf. There is even a word for every sport you can think of. English language also has words for most of the physical activities we do.

A good example is billiards, which is an indoor sport. Billiard is an athletic contact sport and one of the most popular sports in England. It combines billiards, strategy and physical skills. Cricket is another popular sport. This sport involves the physical aspects of kicking, hitting and running in a match.

Chess is a game of strategy, in which the players attempt to form strategies to beat each other. Chess has been called the “game of the kings”, due to the fact that the majority of grandmasters learn to play the game as a hobby. Another popular game in England is cricket. Cricket can be considered a pure physical activity. Many people consider it to be as physically active as tennis, basketball or swimming, although it does not compare to those games in terms of complexity.

Almost every country has many different varieties of sports. Each sport requires unique sets of skills and equipment to be successful. Sports in the English speaking world are separated into two different groups. One category is known as Association sports and the other category is known as Non Associational sports. In order to be eligible to play in either category a person must be a legal citizen of that country.

The English language has a variety of words for many different sports. These words cover all facets of the sport from walking, to horse riding, to cricket to soccer and much more. If you are looking for an English language sports name board game, look no further than an online dictionary. That’s how easy it is to find a game you enjoyed playing as a child. Now you can play the game with friends or family in the comfort of your own home.